Friday, April 14, 2017

The Resurrection and the Bride

What do Passover, the death of Jesus on the cross, and the bodily Resurrection of Jesus have to do with weddings?  Well, in context of the precious holiday that we who love Him celebrate this weekend, everything!

Not only was what is often referred to as "The Last Supper" a Passover Seder, but also a beautiful revelation of ancient Jewish wedding customs:

When I was in my starry-eyed 20's I wrote the following poem/prayer for my future husband, a very normal and Biblical heart's cry and desire for something that, though as yet unfulfilled, I realize is really a mere shadow of a longing that is so much greater.  Maranatha.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Are you thinking of me right now, my love?

Do you hold my phantom form close to your heart at night, aware of the bittersweet ache of being only half of something more; of longing to praise God as Echad, and yet being alone in your finiteness?

Are you whole in Jesus, like me, and yet acutely aware of the dull pain over your heart, where your rib has been removed?  It’s a little like that for me too, you know, only I am missing the whole ribcage, so my heart feels vulnerable and exposed.  I need to fit somewhere - I know that I do; but for now, I am forced to stand alone.

What is your name?  Is your laugh hearty, filled with the joy of living that Jesus brings?  Do you smile when you think of me, not even knowing my name, yet knowing who I am?

I pray for you every day - that God will keep you strong and encourage and uphold you as you walk with Him in every way.  Sometimes I can almost see you, and your gentleness touches my heart.  I know when we finally meet, I’ll recognize you by our joy!  I’d know your smile anywhere - even if I’ve never seen your face.
I pray that Jesus will enable me to be the woman that you need - a delight to you and an honor to your name.
Sometimes in my dreams of you, I am nursing our first child, and the look of tenderness that crosses your face when you see “your little treasures from God” stirs my soul.

Truly, Abba has blessed us, and our love is a prayer of thanksgiving and a testimony to those we minister to.
Oh, Father in Heaven, You who sent your Son to become flesh to atone for our sin and Who is acquainted with all our ways, please hear the prayer of these two hearts, and may we serve You, as one, all of our days.

Are you thinking of me right now, my love?

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